“THE SHOP” – Original TV Series
Just Lucy - A Web Series written by Pat Mikulec

"The Shop" is a 30-minute, serialized, dramatic series that displays real-life situations that occur in the lives of the employees and customers of a local upscale coffee shop. It touches on such topics as death of loved ones, making good choices, integrity, overcoming your past, the power of prayer, the importance of being a “good Samaritan”, accepting our responsibilities, dealing with disappointment as well as deeper subjects of abortion and suicide.

The Shop includes plenty of zany antics by the characters to keep the overall tone from becoming dark or depressing. There are many feel-good moments to warm your heart.

Tracy and I have a short show bible and thirteen episodes completed.

Pilot Synopsis:
We meet the main characters on the 10th Anniversary of The Shop.

Jim Simmons is a friendly man that loves people.  He opened his shop ten years ago as a small, one-man operation and is thrilled to be celebrating all these years later with a staff of five and a very faithful group of regular customers.

Jim reminisces The Shop’s grand opening, we meet a young Helen and Jimmy, Jim’s children, and some of the regular customers on their first visit to The Shop.  We get a glimpse of the character of his young children; their sense of value.  Angie Collins is introduced.  Angie really saved the day turning the old-school coffee shop into the upscale café it is today.  Things have really changed!

Back to the anniversary celebration, we meet Jim’s children today.  They are irresponsible, self-centered and lazy.  Some things never change.

Just as things seem to form a pattern, Jim characteristically reaches out to a customer in need and is killed in a car accident on his way to help.  Just as characteristically, Helen, the oldest, is upset to think what is going to happen to her now that Jim is dead.  Jimmy, on the other hand, appears to be floundering with the guilt of not having listened to his father.


“RUMORS” – Original TV Series

Sparkle Lopez, the owner of Rumors (the most trendy hair salon and spa in town), butts into her clients' lives on a routine basis to offer her opinions, advice and solve their problems (both real and imagined) to ensure their continued happiness.

Series Premise:
Sparkle Lopez has the best salon in town and the richest customers. While their husbands are spilling company secrets on the golf course, Sparkle’s clients are giving her the real lowdown on their own secrets during shampoos and blow-outs.

Sparkle has always been a great shoulder to cry on, but when she thinks one of her clients is in danger, she takes things up a notch and starts to investigate on her own. With her zany, but intrepid staff, Sparkle becomes the latest unofficial detective in town.

If you are a client of Sparkle's and you need help, you're going to get it -- whether you want it or not!


Pat Mikulec

Pat holds a Screenwriting Certificate from Gotham Writer’s Workshop.  She is an alumni of ScreenwritingU’s Pro Series 22 class.  She has been an active member of the Dallas Screenwriters Association for six years.

Tracy Trost

Tracy is an award-winning director.  His movies include “Find Me,” “A Christmas Snow,” “The Lamp,” and “Letting Go.” 

He is currently involved is several other projects in various stages of pre-production.

Heather Alexander Treulieb

Heather’s feature “Oil Run” has been optioned by Organized Films Productions and is slated to begin production in early 2014.

Heather has worn several hats in the business and is currently Scene Read Chairman for the Dallas Screenwriters Association.  She has been chair for the last 4 years.